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The following is a conversation between a Pet-Pedic customer and our experienced support team at Pet-Pedic.com. This will illustrate how easy it is to order a custom pet bed through Pet-Pedic.com, the only pet bed available tested on humans.

Carly:  Hi, I was looking at your Kitty-Pedic memory foam cat beds and I am interested in purchasing one for my cat. The only problem is that he sleeps in the bottom of the picture-window in my bedroom and I did not see any size which was a close fit for that area. Can you make a bed for my cat which will fit there?
Pet-Pedic Staff: Sure we can! do you have the measurements of the picture-window base available?
Carly: Yes, it is 51 inches wide at the inside, 40 inches at the outside, and has 9 inch sides which are at an angle.
Pet-Pedic Staff: Great, we can certainly make a custom bed for your cat. Would you like the cuddler design?
Carly:  What is that?
Pet-Pedic Staff: The cuddler is simply a small lip around the outside of the custom cat bed. It will give your cat a soft surface if he likes to sleep at the edge of the bed and also help to keep pet hair contained on the surface of the bed rather than letting that pet hair slip between the custom cat bed and the window-frame.
Carly:  Yes, I think that would be a good idea. My cat is a short-hair breed, so shedding is not a big problem, but anything to help with a shedding problem is worth it.
Pet-Pedic Staff: And what breed is your cat?
Carly:  He is a Siamese.
Pet-Pedic Staff: I would recommend the paw-print cover for a Siamese cat or any light-colored cat. That will make the loose pet hair less noticeable.
Carly:  Great. If I need to, could I wash the cover?
Pet-Pedic Staff: Sure, all of our Pet-Pedic covers are removable and machine washable. Do you mind if I place you on hold to get a price quote for you?
Carly:  No, that would be great.
Pet-Pedic Staff: Thank you, please hold for just a moment or two...

As you can see from this conversation, it would be nearly impossible to streamline this process any further. It does not matter if you would like to purchase a small bed for a micro-breed dog, or a large bed for a Saint Bernard, we have the equipment, and most importantly the experience, to provide you with a worry-free product which you and your pet will love for years to come.

Please call our experienced staff at 800-667-1969 for ordering information and pricing on our custom cat beds. If you have your measurements available, we can quickly give you a price estimate, as well as shipping and delivery estimates for your new custom cat bed.

Please select the Pet-Pedic type and cover option that is best for you. The black-and-white cover is perfect for darker or lighter fur colors as well as your black and white colored pets. If your pet is a darker breed or any multi-colored variety, the animal print cover may best option for you. Both the paw-print cover and the animal-print cover are zipper-removable for easy cleaning and care. See our Pet-Pedic-Pedic sizing chart for more information or click on any picture below for a larger version.

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