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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pooch-Pedic and Kitty-Pedic memory foam pet beds are a one-of-a-kind. You will not find a higher quality memory foam pet product on the market today.  We know that most families treat their pets the same way they treat any family member!  Like any family member, it is tough to see your pet in pain from arthritis, injury, or any other cause. The Pet-Pedic was created for this reason. In much the same way that your body needs restful sleep to heal, so does your pet's body. Sleeping on the floor, on a blanket, or in a simple foam bed simply does not offer the correct sleep comfort that your pet needs to be healthy and happy.  We hope that the following FAQs answer your questions, but If you have a question about the Pooch-Pedic and Kitty-Pedic pet beds that have not been answered on this site, please email us or call us at 800 667-1969 and we will be glad to assist you further.


Is the cover on the pet bed removable and washable?

Yes! All covers are easily removable and washable using a gentle cycle and cool dry.  It can be kept clean using a vacuum cleaner between washings!

If my Pooch-Pedic or Kitty-Pedic cover gets damaged, can I get a replacement?

We have covers available separately, and they will soon be available for purchase directly on the website!

Can you do custom sizes?

Yes, our sleep experts at Selectabed.com would be glad to put together a custom sized memory foam pet bed capable of handling larger and even smaller sizes and weights than what is available on our website. Please call our toll-free customer service number at 800-667-1969 for more information.

My pet has medical problems or injuries that prevent him/her from resting well. Will a Pooch-Pedic or Kitty-Pedic help him/her?

The Pet-Pedic was modeled after the Tri-Pedic memory foam mattress, designed, tested and proven clinically to offer proper orthopedic support for humans.  Our experience led us to create the most supportive and functional memory foam mattress available.  We even had a well known retired Veterinarian evaluate the Pooch-Pedic on his own dogs so we could get a first hand account of the results by an expert in the field and the results were everything we hoped for! 

Can I get a Pooch-Pedic or Kitty-Pedic at a local retailer?

Since the Pet-Pedic memory foam pet beds are brand-new creation from Relief Mart, Inc., we are in the process of setting up distributors throughout the U.S.  We also encourage you to tell your local pet shop owners and pet clubs about us!  For faster service, feel free to use our online shopping cart to order your Pooch-Pedic or Kitty-Pedic today or call us at 800 667-1969 and we can try to locate a dealer near you.

What makes the Pooch-Pedic and Kitty-Pedic memory foam mattress different from other pet beds on the market?

The Pet-Pedic is a complex design using the highest grade of memory foam and most luxurious covers available. There is not a pet bed available with craftsmanship and quality as fine as the Pet-Pedic. Although there are pet beds available that are much cheaper, your lose the valuable support and comfort that your pet needs to keep their joints in optimal condition.  Also, these lower quality beds often need to be replaced once a year for ten years, so we believe that you will be saving lots of money by using the Pooch-Pedic and Kitty-Pedic!

If you have a question about the Pet-Pedic pet bed that has not been answered on this site, please email us and we will be glad to help you.


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