"Memory foam pet beds tested on humans!"



Retired Veterinarian Dr. Richard Houck owned his own veterinary practice in Wisconsin for 30 years, prior to his 13-year full-time staff position with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  We sent Dr. Houck two of our largest size pet beds to use with his 150lb. dogs so we could get feedback from an expert who has seen all size animals and has the background to truly know the difference between a pet bed that looks good and one that really does good for your pet.  We were thrilled when he reported great success with his very large dogs and wish to thank him for taking the time to evaluate our pet bed technology.


When Pop Superstar Mariah Carey got her Pooch-Pedic for her beloved dog Jack, a Jack Russell Terrier, she finally had a proper dog bed for her tour bus so he could get the proper rest and support he needs.  We were happy to hear that she and her dog loved the bed!


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