"Memory foam pet beds tested on humans!"


Pet Bed Specifications

Our memory foam pet beds use the highest quality 4lb. and 5lb. memory foam, the same foam we use on our award winning top-of-the-line mattresses for humans.  We use one inch of the top layer 4lb. memory foam, followed by the more dense and firmer 5lb. memory foam.  We follow this up with a 2 inch orthopedic grade polyurethane base layer foam for the most comfortable and supportive pet bed on the market.

Designed by the sleep experts at Selectabed.com, another division of the Relief-Mart, Inc. family, the Pet-Pedic follows the most popular memory foam mattress design available; the Tri-Pedic. The Tri-pedic design was the first memory foam mattress to use two different densities of memory foam to create a three layer mattress, and has inspired a tremendous growth cycle in the memory foam mattress industry. Now, companies like Tempurpedic use variations of this design to create ultra-luxurious memory foam mattresses used around the world. The Pet-Pedic was inspired by Tri-Pedic owners who have stated that their pets slept better with them on their Tri-Pedic mattress, and some owners of arthritic dogs or pets with injuries have reported that their pets are livelier and happier sleeping on the Tri-Pedic! With thousands of satisfied Tri-Pedic owners and more than 5 years of history, we have created the Pet-Pedic, the worlds first pet bed tested on humans!

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